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What Our Clients Say

Angela Cain bills herself as the Wedding P.A. but in truth this title does not fully do justice to the help, the support, the advice, the professionalism, the responsiveness, the attention to detail, and the all-around spirit she brings to her work. We were absolutely delighted to have Angela on our side as we planned a wedding in Ireland from the U.S. We explored services that specialize in managing destination weddings early on, but we are both convinced no one else would have worked with us and gone so far above and beyond in the way that Angela did. The big shops cannot afford to—or just don’t need to bother with—the nitty gritty tasks that destination couples often encounter in planning a wedding. You can’t beat having someone dedicated who knows the ins and outs and is local to help you sort out the big and the little stuff—all of which all matters on the day. We encountered a few curve balls, some requiring actual boots on the ground to solve, and without skipping a beat Angela drove two hours—multiple times—to resolve it for us. When the church was unresponsive, she drove out and introduced herself to the parish secretary. When our champagne supplier did not pay the requisite tax, Angela found a solution with the customs office. When we were unsure of all the details necessary to acquire an Irish marriage certificate, Angela ferried our questions to the registrar (and of course, handled the acquisition of the certificate for us in the end). Angela is rigorous, thoughtful, proactive, and creative; she’ll get answers from vendors as well as provide recommendations if you’ve not found what you are looking for. There is no way we would have found the cake artist Angela recommended on our own, and the end result was exactly the vision we had in mind—a five-tier masterpiece in buttercream. In the end, we had a wedding that was beyond what we could have dreamed of, and Angela is a huge part to thank for it. We were indeed guests at our own wedding, and it was marvelous. This is a five-star review but also a sincere thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Angela for your work and your support. Weddings require couples to make so many choices, many of which are challenging—choosing Angela was the easiest and best choice we made.

Alexandra and Gerland

Luttrellstown Castle, Dublin, Ireland

USA Destination Wedding

3rd September 2023

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