Will you marry me?

Are you recently engaged?


It is a wonderful and exciting time for you both, but it may prove a little overwhelming with all the planning involved.

I’d like to offer my top tips to get you started, and hopefully set you off on the right foot.

First off, decide the type of ceremony you both would like, for example: a religious, civil, humanist, interfaith or spiritual wedding.

  • What are the key things that are important to you?
  • A big wedding?
  • A smaller, more intimate day?
  • A relaxed, informal vibe?
  • An alternative venue setting, or more formal and classic?
  • A large bridal party?
  • Traditions or trends?
  • Music and entertainment?
  • Food and drink?
  • Being budget or DIY savvy?
  • A day that reflects you both?
  • Eco-friendly?
  • Quality photography / videography?
  • Décor, floral arrangements, the finer details?
  • Spending quality time with your guests?
  • Less stress and worry?

Every wedding is different, and every wishes and wants of the couple are unique to them.

Remember, this is YOUR special day.

Guests remember the big things from a wedding:

  • Food, entertainment and great memories.

The Wedding PA offers an initial complimentary consultation for those couples who are thinking of hiring a Wedding Planner, or who may need their own Wedding PA on the day to personally co-ordinate all their own plans.

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