Wedding DIY décor V professional

When it comes to wedding planning, many couples are keen to undertake the task of creating their own theme and décor. This can be exciting, and you can really show off your personality and style while being creative.

DIY can save money if budgets are restricted, or if you are the resourceful type and enjoy being involved with the smaller details, then the DIY option may suit.

Many elements of décor will require a lot of dedication, a plan for the day, and the ability to pull off with confidence.

Ensure you can plan around other commitments (work, study, family, home life etc.)

In my experience of planning weddings and events, here are some pointers to make things easier for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family and friends - they may just surprise you, and be thrilled to be involved in a practical way, however small.

Is there an event or wedding on at the venue, before or after your day?

This may have an impact on precious time to set-up.

Factor in how long it may take to arrive with your items and organise everything.

Will the venue allow you to decorate yourself and how much time will they allocate?

Check any insurance details for the venue.

Label all your boxes (name of couple, wedding date, items included and area for display).

Have you easy access to the function suite/venue areas to decorate?

Consider convenient parking areas to unload your car and the trips you need to take.

Don’t forget to check the weather forecast and cover boxes with suitable lids – should it rain or blow a gale!

What are the restrictions on décor at the venue?

Can you display temporary fixtures/fittings to walls/doors etc.

Be sure of the storage location of your items the next morning.

Very often, venue staff are kind to help put away your items until the next morning – usually in a store room, the bridal suite or a locked room with limited access.

There is often a changeover of venue staff the next morning – ensure you know the Duty Manager or staff member that can help you locate everything.

Do you have sufficient, suitable space at home to store your items for years to come?


Experienced professionals will be insured, have vast key skills, and be able to come up with ideas to compliment your own vision.

They will have a specific timeline to adhere to, and there is no stress for the couple – most important. You won’t need to run around, or worry that time is running away with you.

They will have knowledge and experience of room layouts, make best use of space available, and create the all important finishing touches to enhance your final look.

  • Favours
  • Stationery (invitations, table numbers, place settings, table plan, welcome signage, thank you cards)
  • Personal décor items
  • Bathroom baskets
  • Activity packs for children
  • Sweet / dessert table

Hiring professionals for the bigger tasks (e.g. chair covers, lighting, flowers, large displays etc)

will save you valuable time, and give you reassurance that experts are creating your dream look, while you relax and enjoy the lead up on the day with peace of mind.

This will be less stressful on you, and give you more time to savour those special moments with your bridal party.

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