Time for each other on your wedding day

I remember the weeks coming up to my own wedding, which this month is 12 years ago now, we were given advice from married friends to make time for each other on our wedding day.

Looking back, I can totally see how right they were.

The day is full of excitement, nerves, anticipation and clock watching.

Taking the advice we were given, this is how we made sure to spend some time together as a newly married couple.

1st dance on our own:

Although all eyes were on us, this was really special and gave us a few minutes to talk and show off our steps (yes, we did take professional dance lessons to perfect a waltz).

A drink at the bar:

We made sure to sit down at the bar with guests, and savour these precious, social moments with a glass of fizz – this felt so relaxing and gave our feet a much needed rest.

Walk around the grounds:

As we had the lovely weather on our side, we took a leisurely stroll through the historical, manicured gardens and woodland.

Just appreciating this time together, and chatting about the day, really did help us understand what we were told from other married couples.

You will find the time will just fly by, and the day will be over so quick – this is said by so many, and it is totally true.

Savour every moment – with the most wonderful memories.

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