The morning of your wedding day... (grab a cuppa and put the feet up…)

Your wedding day is finally here, and it is such an exciting time for all.

Some brides/grooms may feel nervous, anxious or on edge.

This is completely normal, and many feel the same.

I remember my own wedding day very clearly (back in August 2010) – and I’d like to tell you about how I managed things for myself.

As someone who has always been highly organised and loves details, I found keeping a handwritten list of things I needed to do that morning very helpful.

I still love keeping lists to this day for everything – I just love buying those pretty notepads to write on.

I knew in advance who was due to my mam’s house, what time, and what needed to be done.

The smallest things will really help ahead of time – e.g., clearing space for the make-up artist/hairdresser, tables/chairs for beauty services and being near natural light.

We tidied up and cleared things away the day before – to keep jobs to a minimum on the morning.

I made sure to leave out everything I needed the night before:

Accessories, my speech, dress, shoes, veil, jewellery, perfume, bridal handbag, make-up, tissues, snacks and water bottles - not forgetting the Child of Prague in my mam’s front garden – and she did the trick too!

I had my payments ready to give my suppliers, phone chargers at the ready, and the kettle boiled for all – lots of tea/coffee on tap. My Chief Bridesmaid was Chief Kettle Boiler – she loved it really!

We all had hot breakfast rolls on order for myself, the bridal party and my suppliers (makeup artist, hairdresser, photographer and videographer) which I know went down very well and appreciated by all to start the day.

I hate to have hungry suppliers, they need to keep their energy levels up too.

It was such a relaxed, laid-back morning, with things ticking along nicely timewise and no-one was stressed or hassled – the way it should be for all couples.

My 2 bridesmaids and family were personally given their wedding thank you gifts from me, and we spent a few precious, emotional, personal moments alone – this is where we shed happy tears before the make-up artist got to work.

I didn’t want to rush this part, and to remember just how they helped and supported me – it was important to make them feel just as special – you need your tribe and to be appreciative of their love and support.

It kind of hit us then (in a good way) how lucky we all felt to be together, and truly enjoying this very special, blessed day, with good health and happiness around us – which is easily taken for granted.

As the sun blessed us, we had plenty of time to sit and enjoy a glass prosecco in my mam’s country garden in Co. Meath, and to have outside family photographs taken.

She was delighted to have her garden manicured, flowers bursting with pretty colours, and the whole place looking its summer best for the occasion.

I remembered to leave my bridal handbag in the Mercedes with the Chauffeur (who was such a lovely man by the way) for our journey to the church, and the journey to the hotel as Mr. & Mrs.  I left our favourite savouries/bottled water/straws/sweet treats in the car (especially for my now husband – he is Diabetic and needs to eat regulary). We didn’t want him going low.  I also had some sweets too – a welcome snack 

As someone who loves punctuality, our Priest was delighted that I was 10 minutes early to the church – he kindly asked us not to be late, and we were most respectful of his wishes.

This wasn’t an issue to us, as we prefer to be on time for others.

Our Parish Priest was such a nice, relaxed, informal man, and he made the whole ceremony so genuinely heartfelt.  We’d known him years too and he really made the day so special and memorable.

We also had enough time for lovely, relaxed photographs outside the church without rushing in and this made all the difference.

I believe it is a priority to gather yourself quietly for a few minutes, as this is the biggest moment coming up: the aisle walk.

BIG TIP: Do take your time on this: no-one is rushing you and you will feel so admired.

Smile to your guests, they are there for you both.

Seeing their familiar faces will relax you and help you feel better – as it can be overwhelming, but do soak up these precious moments, they don’t last long – depending on the length of the aisle of course.

The ceremony started on time, and as the morning was easy going, this followed on throughout the day.

I found, and still do to this day, that if you as a couple are relaxed and not hassled on your wedding day, your guests will pick up on this vibe and it will feed through to them.

Guests will remember your wedding day for the right reasons, and they will look back with fondness and delight.

These are my main reasons I wanted to become ‘THE WEDDING PA’ (aka On-The-Day Co-ordinator) and a Wedding Planner.

Seeing and experiencing the calmness from couples that I have helped, gives me immense job satisfaction, and I know this service takes away worry and stress that can occur – and I do totally understand this.

With everything managed on their behalf, from a very detailed timeline, to being the ‘go to’ person for all queries, not forgetting the little things, and assistance behind the scenes given, these moments bring me so much joy to see that I am a help to the bride/groom and their bridal party.  No-one wants a hassled or stressed couple – they want to soak up every precious moment on their own wedding day with family and friends – as they should.

I feel very blessed to do what I do, and have had wonderful opportunities to work for fantastic couples – some full wedding planning services, some ‘On the Day Co-ordination’.

Both bring the same level of attention, passion, and time given to my clients.

I hope you enjoyed reading this – and your cuppa too.

Love Angela

The Wedding PA

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