The Don'ts of Wedding Planning

Many engaged couples are aware of the 'do's' when it comes to their wedding planning, however there are some 'don'ts' that may make life that bit easier when it comes to the big day.

  • Don't book any supplier until you have confirmed your venue and celebrant/registrar.
  • Don't forget to get everything confirmed in writing from your suppliers.
  • Don't put yourself under too much pressure.
  • Don't bankrupt yourself.
  • Don't reveal everything beforehand to your guests - some surprises are nice.
  • Don't let others push you into making decisions you are not happy with.
  • Don't make rash decisions - select the best fit supplier/provider for you. Take your time making final decisions and be comfortable with your choice.
  • Don't always go for the cheapest options - ensure you know what is included/not included.
  • Don't feel you need to have everything you have seen online. Prioritise the areas you feel are important to you both e.g. photography, food, decor, entertainment etc.
  • Don't expect all invited guests to attend, there will be some who cannot attend for various reasons.
  • Don't keep guests waiting too long.
  • Don't forget to steal some precious time together as a married couple on the day - time will go by very quickly!

Above all else, enjoy your very special day.

Angela - The Wedding PA

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