Stresses of Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is exciting, but it can also cause unwanted stress and worry. From my own experience, and listening to couples, the most stress came from these areas:


Some guests will assume you know they are attending your wedding and won't RSVP in a timely manner (I know how stressful this can be!).

Give a clear deadline for guests to reply, and also set a deadline of your own to allow for very late replies/no replies - depending on your venue and suppliers.


This can really cause headaches and you will need to decide who to prioritise. Who is most important to you?

  • When did you see them last?
  • Will they enhance your day?
  • Would you normally buy dinner for them?
  • Are they close to you?


It's a good idea to seat guests together with others they know, as this will make it feel less formal and more familiar. Be prepared to make re-arrangements at the last minute due to late drop outs for various reasons.

For more intimate weddings a seating plan may not be necessary – there are no rules here, do what feels right and what fits the style of your wedding.


Sticking to your budget in the early days seems easy, but costs soon add up and hidden extra's will appear. Always prioritise the most important areas to you i.e. food/entertainment/decor etc and allocate more budget here.

Guests remember two things about a wedding, food and entertainment.


I get this one! Opinions of others will stress you out and cause emotions to run high (been there, done that!).

It's important to be polite, firm and stick to your guns. If it gets to the point of coming between you both, take a step back and realise what really IS important. This is YOUR special day, no-one else's.

Everyone will have an opinion and want you to invite people you don't even know.  Stand firm on this one and only have those guests you both want there.


Kitting out your bridal party with suitable colours, fabrics and styles will need to be thought through carefully. We all have different body shapes and personalities. Take into account the opinion of your bridesmaid/best man and ensure they are comfortable and happy. Their facial expressions on your photographs will say it all, and they may feel self-conscious in something that doesn't flatter them.

You want a happy bridal party and for them to feel special too.

Consider complimentary styles and colours which may work well as a compromise.


From hiring suppliers, to having the 'wow' factor statement function room, there will be a need to have a realistic approach.

Consider the elements that are important to you both.

What are your top 3 must haves?

Your wedding should reflect you as a couple and be memorable for the right reasons.

THE LAST FEW WEEKS AND DAYS - finalising all the smaller details

Time will seem to creep up on you when the final weeks and days are approaching. The little things will take the time to finalise and the nitty gritty details to be ticked off the list. Keep a clear record of the little things you want done to keep your stress levels low.


It’s natural to feel nervous about how the day will go, and how you will feel.

It is an emotional day and of course you want everything to be perfect.

Don’t worry about the tears falling, it’s perfectly normal (you may feel better after it) – we can always fix your face with your complimentary ‘survival kit’  :)


A running order for the day will ensure the day runs to plan and is a valuable tool. As your Wedding PA, this is something that I exclusively create for each couple – starting from the morning preparations to the first dance.

Your personal timeline will be something less for you to worry about and know that everything is taken care of – even the smallest of details.

This is a private and confidential service that takes away any stress, worry or concerns about how everything will take shape, and you can fully enjoy the day with your guests.

Out of the one thing that my clients have said after their wedding, they felt their own timeline and personal contact on the day really had the most effect to reduce their stress levels. They felt this really helped them feel more relaxed and just soak up their day, knowing that someone in the background was looking after everything for them.

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