Real life wedding day tips and advice - Based on my own experiences

Your wedding day is fast approaching, you may be wondering how the day will go and how can you prevent your stress levels from soaring.

I’d like to offer my real-life tips and advice to help your day go smoothly, to keep you calm and feel more relaxed.

Looking back on my own wedding day, and offering my advice to past brides, I’ve listed some vital tips that will help.

  • Wear in your wedding day shoes at least 2 weeks prior to the big day. Have stand-by shoes in your suite to change into – or even bridal bespoke runners for sore feet to breathe a sigh of relief.
  • On the morning of your wedding day, play your favourite music to help you relax, and really look forward to the day ahead, and eat something that will see you through the morning. It’s very easy to forget to eat or drink.
  • Keep hydrated – with a straw - to prevent spillages on your dress.
  • Ensure key people confidently know how to help you into your wedding dress. You will feel more relaxed once they are comfortable doing up corsets, buttons etc.
  • Always wear a zip up top, or dressing gown when getting ready, as this will prevent your hair/make up being damaged from over the head garments.
  • If you are paying suppliers on the day, give the envelopes to a trusted member of the bridal party. Also, ask them to be in charge of your MRF!! This is vitally important and the legal bit.
  • Stash your favourite snacks and soft drinks in your bridal car or suite to keep blood sugar levels steady.
  • Take time out together – as the day will just fly by. Go for a walk in the venue gardens, sit at the bar together, or relax in your suite reading all the lovely messages.
  • Allow extra time on the morning for anything that might crop up.

As your Wedding PA I will always have important items to hand, for example, your own personal timeline, readings, speech cards, make-up, refreshments etc.

Angela is a qualified, insured Wedding Planner and also a Wedding PA. For more information or to chat about her services, visit the CONTACT section.

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