Let’s talk shoes for the bride


A favourite topic of mine is all things shoes!

Stiletto’s being top of my list, I do love a good, classy heel that is versatile and comfy – and believe me, I have many different pairs bursting in their shoe cupboard, and maybe a few more…(from Penney’s to Manolo’s) but Penney’s is always a winner!

There is so much choice when deciding what shoes to wear for your wedding – you may choose to have more than one pair – to relieve your feet on the dancefloor.


From heels, flats, trainers, strappy, blingy, simple, traditional, coloured, boots to quirky – it is a great opportunity to show off your personality and style here.

A few tips I can personally pass on:

Comfort being key and being able to wear them throughout the day will be of utmost importance, nothing worse than sore feet! (don’t worry, The Wedding PA always carries plasters and other ‘just in case’ complimentary items for the couple).


Your bridal party could wear complimentary styles and colours to ensure everyone is comfortable in different heel heights.

Some bridesmaids may be happier in flatter shoes, others may love a heel.

A mix & match feel will go down well if you have a larger bridal party to suit everyone – their smiles will say it all.

If you are not used to wearing heels, practice walking in them to wear them in.

Stand out from the crowd – wear what you want, and make sure your photographer gets cool shots of your snazzy footwear!

Change into alternative shoes for dancing (or go bare foot!) – some brides love to kick them off (don’t lose them though!) and have a good old boogie, or put the flats on.

You may wish to wear your shoes again for other occasions, rather than keep them in a box – always a brilliant idea to get more wear out of them.

Express your own style – no right or wrong here, just be you. X

Angela – The Wedding PA

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