It’s All About the Groom

This month, I’d like to talk about the Groom and the best men he has chosen to have by his side on his wedding day.

I will be honest here; I have spoken to past grooms to get their advice for future grooms and how they can best plan for the big day.

Here is what they have to say:

“the best advice I can give is, make sure you brief your crew on their speeches, as it can be embarrassing if they decide to dig the unwanted dirt on you – you don’t want things being exposed from the past which might get the wrong reaction”

“enjoy a proper breakfast – preferably cooked by someone else! You may not eat for hours after. Don’t sit in your fancy wedding gear while eating though”

“shave as early as possible in the day - dress as late as possible”

“keep an eye on the time – the day will fly by”

“if you type up your speech, use a large font and ‘bold’ any key words – bring 2 copies”

“don’t be late – she won’t thank you for it!”

“don’t have too much to drink (or the night before) – but do enjoy a toast drink together – a little one might help the nerves!”

“make sure the Best Man has the rings, speeches and any documents needed”

“have a tissue in your pocket – I shed a few tears on the day and needed one”

“if you feel nervous, take some time out to relax – it’s a big day for you too”

“if you tend to forget things, lay everything out at your dressing area that you will need to get ready”

“don’t be afraid to show your emotions when you say your vows – it’s allowed, and you are only human, like the rest of us”

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