Bridal tips - The night before your wedding

The night before your wedding should be a relaxing one, however some brides find it can cause them anxiety and worry.

From personal experience, and helping past brides, here are some tips that should help you feel calmer and more organised.

Hang up your dress in a safe, undisturbed, clean, secure place. Don’t forget your jewellery, accessories and any items you need for the day.

Keep a note of anything you need reminding of for the morning (a pad and pen beside your bed will come in handy).

Don’t drink to excess! You don’t want a hangover the next day! Water is your best friend.

Don’t feel you have to entertain everyone the night before – you may feel overwhelmed or too excited to sleep.

Run a bath with your favourite smellies, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Treat yourself to a tried and tested face cleanser, mask and moisturiser, to help your skin look radiant under your make-up, your face will thank you for it.

Don’t try out any new beauty products (perfume, tan, make-up etc) just in case of any reactions.

Watch your favourite movie and put your feet up in your cosy clothes.

Avoid any foods that may cause bloating.

Have a plan for a filling breakfast (you may not eat again until late in the day).

Write out a note to yourself of how you are feeling, your hopes, expectations and thoughts. This can be really nice to read back on in the future, or keep for your children on their own wedding day.

Appreciate all the good things that will come on your wedding day (big and small), and reflect on how all your planning has come together – this is your big day and it’s nearly here.

Be thankful for all those people that have been supportive, loving and helpful, particularly in recent times, and are here in good health to share this wonderful day with you both.

Try and get an early night - relax with a good book or soft music to help you unwind.

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