Advantages of a smaller wedding

During these more restrictive times we find ourselves in, smaller weddings are still taking place.

However, some couples may already opt for a smaller wedding for other reasons - even in our normal world.

Here some of the advantages these can have:

  • Guest numbers kept to a minimum - budget friendly.
  • Frees up finances to put towards the honeymoon/home improvements/future plans.
  • Extra time spent with those around you.
  • A more intimate, personal atmosphere.
  • Less pressure for all.
  • No seating chart worry.
  • May suit couples who dislike large gatherings, or don't wish to be in front of larger numbers.
  • Options for more unique venues e.g. private venues/restaurants, city centre, barns, theatres, original settings etc.

Some of the larger venues, may be able to accommodate smaller numbers with exclusive use of a private dining suite and facilities.

Talk to the venue and discuss suitable options - many are very flexible with your requests.

Your wedding day is about the two of you - celebrating your love together.

The day will be just as perfect, magical and memorable even with fewer guests.

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