A Dublin City summer wedding

I often get asked….“What does a Wedding PA do?”....let me tell you a story….

A summer wedding in Ireland means one thing: our Irish weather isn’t guaranteed, but we work around it.

I fondly remember the Dublin city centre wedding for my clients, C&D in July 2022.

The weather was perfect and just right for outdoor conditions – especially for those natural city centre shots.

From our initial meeting, the couple had done most of the planning themselves, but wanted a Wedding Co-Ordinator to finalise their plans, take over the smaller details and ensure the day ran smoothly without any worry or stress on their day.

As part of my services that I offer couples, I am happy to recommend wedding suppliers that can provide a service the couple are looking for.

This is based on location, price range and suitability.

The couple always makes the decisions that best fit their criteria.

Once decisions are made, I confirm all logistics and look after communications up until the day.

All supplier arrival and finish times are included in the couple’s personal timeline (that I personally create and manage), and this ensures I know who and what are due on the day. Being the sole point of contact for all vendors, this keeps communication clear with 1:1 regular attention being given.

During the rehearsal the day before, the couple and I, along with their bridal party and keen helpers, felt more at ease knowing what was expected of them on the big day.

This takes away any anxiety or worry on the wedding day, as a practice run through can be done to ensure everyone feels comfortable with their own role and duties.

Fortunately, suppliers were able to deliver and set-up rented furniture the day before, as this wedding was earlier in the day.  This is always a much better option to save precious time, and takes away any unnecessary worry with traffic or delays, especially accessing the city centre and certain venues with limited or restricted parking.

The couple had included beautiful personal touches - which was such a lovely thing to do.

This makes family and friends feel they can contribute their own unique gifts and talents.

A bespoke guest timeline of the day was created by the couple and displayed at their venue – which I always feel is brilliant to have.  Guests know the order of the day and what to expect, along with a photograph list order.  These are very useful for family members, bridal party and group shots – it can be so easy to miss these moments or certain guests and time can run on.  I always keep a copy of photograph requests with me, and ensure the wishes of the couple are carried out in a timely fashion.

The couple asked me pay outstanding balances to their suppliers on the day, which is something that I do regularly for couples.  They always place a high level of trust in me with payments and I fully respect and appreciate this.

Their chosen suppliers know in advance from me my own contact details, and that I meet and greet their arrival, and help with anything on the day – even carrying items up and down flights of stairs to ensure the timeline runs to schedule.

I certainly don’t mind rolling up my sleeves, and getting stuck in.

I have learnt to wear flat comfortable shoes for this reason, as I am on my feet mainly (nothing worse than sore and tired feet).

The couple had a beautiful cake cut at their ceremony venue and this was to be displayed at their evening venue, which was a taxi ride away in the city centre.

With firm balance, steadiness, and careful footing, myself, the bridesmaid and groomsman took a taxi to the next venue for dinner.

The taxi driver was instructed to drive slowly over the cobble stones, as I had a heavy 3-tier cake on my lap that wasn’t to be disturbed.  After a short, smooth and successful drive, I took the cake up many flights of stairs to the private dining floor and the cake was displayed perfectly.

Even in these moments of delicate logistics needed, this is a fine example of “rolling up my sleeves and getting it done”.

I will always do what needs to be done and be thinking on my feet.

Things do crop up and always need to be managed swiftly on the day with ease and professionalism – without the couple knowing of course.

We are all here for the couple to make sure they have their perfect wedding day, and all work together to exceed their expectations – always going the extra mile.

There is no “that’s not my job” mantra with me – I will always do what needs to be done and ensure my clients have the best day ever, with all plans running like clockwork in the background.

I love to help out and do all the running around, as a PA / Co-Ordinator should do.

The small things do make all the difference, particularly as schedules must be adhered to.

The couple soaked up every moment, and thoroughly enjoyed their very special day with their family and friends – particularly with guests who had travelled from other countries.

This was all about them, their loved ones and those around them celebrating their love and union, without any stress or worry.

What a beautiful Dublin city centre summer wedding it was – the weather was certainly a bonus and it was just perfect.

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