2021 Wedding trends

With 2020 being the year ‘on hold’ for many weddings, 2021 and beyond, looks like a bumper year for weddings and celebrations.

The pandemic has certainly made a huge impact with so much being postponed, however, there are things we can take from this, and appreciate what really is important.

Here are some trends that are already being predicted for 2021:

  • Smaller guest lists
  • Digital stationery
  • Informal seating
  • Acts of gratitude – appreciating good health and honouring the opportunity to celebrate
  • Weekday weddings
  • Support for the smaller wedding suppliers
  • Locally sourced services and products
  • Eco-friendly
  • Simplicity
  • No gift lists – donations to those in need, particularly badly affected during the pandemic

Although trends are popular, make sure you do things your way.

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